Did You Catch the Pentaho 4.5 Webinars Yesterday?

May 4, 2012

Busy day at Pentaho yesterday with two live webinars introducing our latest release, Pentaho 4.5. What an amazing response! We had record numbers of both participants and questions about our new visualizations like geo-mapping and heat maps, our breadth of integration with big data sources, and how to embed our analytics into third party applications. Wayne Johnson, Pentaho’s Senior Sales Engineer walked everyone through a telecommunications use case demo that showcased the power of our business analytics platform to analyze and improve provider quality and reduce costs.

Once again, Pentaho demonstrates how to bring data integration and business analytics together to solve real world problems. If you happened to miss one of the two live webcasts take a look at the recording: pentaho.com/4.5-webinar.

Let me know what you think by leaving a comment below, on our Facebook page or on Twitter using #Pentaho45. We would love to talk about how Pentaho’s modern integrated business analytics platform can improve your business performance.

Donna Prlich – Director, Product and Solutions Marketing at Pentaho

What do OEMs and Healthcare have in common?

November 28, 2011

What do OEMs and Healthcare have in common? This week, Pentaho is hosting exciting webinars featuring both topics. Attend both events from the convenience of your desk.

OEM Webinar – Wednesday, November 30th

Companies interested in embedding powerful analytics into their solution should make sure to register for a webinar exclusively for OEMs: Pentaho BI Server Content Integration. On Wednesday, November 30th, Anthony de Shazor, Enterprise Architect and VP of OEM Development Services, will explore the various strategies of exposing existing Pentaho reports and Analyzer reports in partner applications through lightweight integration technologies including HTTP and AJAX.

This is part of the exclusive OEM Tech Series. You can watch past OEM focused webinars here:

Healthcare Webinar – Thursday, December 1st

Rather than tell you the benefits of Pentaho Business Analytics for healthcare companies, we invited one of our customers to share their experience. St. Antonius Hospital is a leading clinical training hospital in the Netherlands with six outpatient locations servicing over 547,200 inpatients and 50,000 outpatients a year. Like many healthcare organizations, St. Antonius Hospital was faced with the challenge of improving patient care while reducing operating costs and complying with new government reporting standards, all the while lacking sufficient data analysis capabilities and a central data warehouse.

Attend the webinar on Thursday, December 1st to learn how St. Antonius used Pentaho to put business intelligence into the hands of doctors and administrators, enabling them to make better decisions that helped reduced emergency room turnaround times, streamlined operating room processes and improved preventive care.

Register now for these helpful webinars.

We’re All Over the World this November

November 1, 2011

This month, Pentaho is offering a host of training classes all over the world – from Mumbai to Paris to Chicago. Take one of our Pentaho BI Suite Bootcamp classes (offered in more than 15 cities this month!) to get started with Pentaho or hone your skills by taking an advanced class. To learn more about Pentaho’s new extreme in-memory analytics capabilities, register for our webinar on November 10.

Nov 10 – Delivering Extreme-Scale In-Memory Analytics – Online

Live Events
Nov 3 – Seminar in French: Accélérez votre processus d’information décisionnelle grâce à Pentaho – Paris, France
Nov 8 – Financial Information Management Conference and Exhibition – London, UK
Nov 16 – Seminar in Portuguese: Maior Autonomia e Poder Para o Utilizador – Libson, Portugal
Nov 24 – Conference: A Demonstration of Pentaho’s Support for Big Data – Netherlands
Nov 29 – Big Data and Analytic Databases Forum – Neuss, Germany

Nov 1 – Pentaho BI Suite Bootcamp – San Francisco, CA
Nov 7 – Pentaho BI Suite Bootcamp – Guadalajara, Mexico
Nov 7 – Pentaho BI Suite Bootcamp – Lyon, France
Nov 7 – Pentaho BI Suite Bootcamp – Santiago, Chile
Nov 7 – Pentaho BI Suite Bootcamp – Warsaw, Poland
Nov 8 – Pentaho BI Suite Bootcamp – Wien, Austria
Nov 8 – Pentaho BI Suite Bootcamp – Nieuwegein, Netherlands
Nov 8 – Pentaho BI Suite Bootcamp – Manila, Philippines
Nov 8 – Pentaho Data Integration for Database Developers – Buenos Aires, Argentina
Nov 14 – Pentaho BI Suite Bootcamp – Mumbai, India
Nov 15 – Agile BI for Business Analysts – Online (Italian)
Nov 15 – Pentaho BI Suite Bootcamp – Chicago, IL
Nov 15 – Pentaho BI Suite Bootcamp – Frankfurt, Germany
Nov 15 – Pentaho BI Suite Bootcamp – Orlando, FL
Nov 15 – Pentaho BI Suite Bootcamp – Buenos Aires, Argentina
Nov 15 – Pentaho BI Suite Bootcamp – Fulda, Germany
Nov 15 – Pentaho Data Integration for Database Developers – Frankurt, Germany
Nov 21 – Pentaho BI Suite Bootcamp – Roma, Italy
Nov 21 – Agile BI for Business Analysts – Online
Nov 21 – Penatho BI Suite Bootcamp – Paris, France
Nov 21 – Pentaho BI Suite Bootcamp – Bucharest, Romania
Nov 21 – Pentaho Report Design Techniques – Online (German)
Nov 21 – Pentaho Report Design Techniques – Online
Nov 22 – Pentaho Report Design Techniques – Online (Spanish)
Nov 22 – Pentaho Data Integration for Database Developers – Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Nov 29 – Pentaho Architect’s Bootcamp – San Francisco, CA
Nov 29 – Pentaho Report Design Techniques – Online (Italian)
Nov 29 – Pentaho Report Design Techniques – Online

Five Things to Consider When Evaluating a BI Solution

September 19, 2011

If you are at any phase in your evaluation of a Business Intelligence (BI) solution, please take the next minute to download a straightforward resource, The CFO’s Ultimate Guide to Buying Business Intelligence.

Not only will you learn what five things you must consider when evaluating a BI solution, you will also learn:

  • What most BI vendors don’t want you to know
  • Checklist of questions you must ask before you buy a BI solution

Here is the link to download the free guide: http://www.pentaho.com/cfo-ultimate-guide-to-buying-bi/

Pentaho’s COO and CFO, Doug Johnson, is leading an in-depth webinar on this topic on Thursday, September 22nd. You can register here: http://www.pentaho.com/events/20110922-CFO-buying-guide-webinar/

The agenda will cover:

  • Five areas of cost for a CFO to consider
  • How different types of BI compare
  • Customer success stories
  • Demo of Pentaho BI
  • Q&A

Where is Pentaho this September?

September 7, 2011

With students back in school and summer winding down, it’s time to improve your Business Intelligence knowledge and skills by attending a Pentaho event or training class. We have some great upcoming events, including the Agile BI Live Webinar: The True Story Behind the Buzz this Thursday. Our BI Suite Bootcamp series is taking the world by storm in September with stops in San Francisco, Italy, Turkey, London and Buenos Aires. We hope to see you at one of our events!

Sept 8 – Agile BI Live Webinar: The True Story Behind the Buzz – Online (English)
Sept 8 – The Open-Source Inflection Point, Are We There Yet? – Online (English)

Live Events
Sept 14 – BI Days Benelux. Visit Pentaho and Experience Pentaho BI 4 – Belgium
Sept 21 – Suite de Inteligencia de Negocios Pentaho 4.0 – Madrid

Training Classes (Listed by start date; class length varies.)
Sept 13 – Agile BI for Business Analysts – Online (Italian)
Sept 13 – Pentaho BI Suite Bootcamp – San Francisco
Sept 19 – Pentaho BI Suite Bootcamp – Italy
Sept 19 – Pentaho BI Suite Bootcamp – Turkey
Sept 20 – Pentaho Database Integration for Database Developers – Buenos Aires
Sept 26 – Pentaho BI Suite Bootcamp – London
Sept 27 – Pentaho BI Suite Bootcamp – Buenos Aires
Sept 27 – Pentaho Database Integration for Database Developers – Washington, D.C.
Sept 27 – Pentaho Report Design Techniques – Online (English)

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No Two OEMs are the Same

August 29, 2011

At Pentaho we believe that no two OEMs are the same and they should not be serviced or supported as a typical support customer. To address this fact we established the Pentaho OEM Development Services Group so that we can enable everyone from emerging vendors to multi-billion dollar companies to experience rapid time-to-value as they deploy Pentaho BI technology to bring innovative, differentiated and low-cost applications to market.

Register for the OEM Tech Series Webinar
Wednesday, August 31st at 2:oo p.m. ET
Session 1: Architecture of the BI Server

Our OEM customers have chosen to embed Pentaho BI to bring innovative, differentiated and low-cost applications to market. Read their stories below. The new OEM Development Services Group will focus solely on the needs of these partners who are faced with unprecedented demand and sophisticated functionality requirements.

Marketo’s new web-based revenue performance management solutions embed functionality for slicing and dicing data and creating ad hoc reports and dashboards. Thanks to Pentaho’s services, Marketo brought its new product to market in just eight weeks; building it themselves would have taken three months with four full-time engineers. George Jaquette, SVP of Engineering at Marketo, explains,“We were looking to partner with a cloud-deployable, flexible BI technology provider. Pentaho helped us meet our goal of rapid time-to-market by delivering a feature-rich product in just eight weeks.”

IQNavigator, Inc., the leading SaaS provider of services procurement and extended workforce solutions, needed a solution showcasing their client-facing Business Intelligence capabilities with specific focus on information visualizations, on-demand dashboards and mobile access for their client base of global procurement executives managing billions of dollars of services spend. IQNavigator, winner of the 2011 Global Partner Award for Most Innovative Embedded Product, integrated Pentaho Analyzer in their SaaS platform and branded the robust features as Data Xplorer and Visual Xplorer, key elements of their Business Intelligence suite, IQNtelligence. Eric Cohen, Vice President, Business Intelligence at IQNavigator explains, “Our clients are responsible for understanding their large, global contingent workforce programs and depend on having the right information available, at the right time and in the right format to drive critical business decisions. Leveraging key technologies provided by Pentaho allows our clients simple and effective access to mountains of rich data supporting important hiring and sourcing strategies. When we showcased our Data Xplorer and Visual Xplorer reporting suites to our clients, they were very engaged and the demonstrations on the iPad left them ‘wowed’.”

CIPAL in Belgium, which serves the public sector, is particularly attracted to open source BI software for its flexibility, customizability and pricing model. According to Sven Meermans, Business Development Manager, CIPAL, “Pentaho BI’s affordable, open source technology was the best choice for our new white label Athena BI application, which runs on CIPAL’s delivery platform based on open standards, open infrastructure, and open communications. The benefits that the open source community provides, including its knowledge base and plug-ins combined with professional support Pentaho offers with its enterprise edition, enabled us to roll out our Athena BI pilot to four social welfare organizations in just four months.”

Don’t forget to register for the OEM tech series
The first webinar is Wednesday, August 31st at 2:oo p.m. ET

Retailers Looking to Spend on Convenient Self-Service BI

July 13, 2011

Yesterday Reuters reported on a recent survey which revealed that “retailers have cash on their balance sheets and nearly half of 100 top retail executives said they are planning to spend it on technology.”

Specifically, retailers are looking to spend that money on analytical tools to “improve company growth, expansion and planning.” There is a tremendous opportunity for retailers to use analytical tools to make smarter business decisions with the enormous amount of data captured from online purchases and the cash register.

Tomorrow Pentaho customer Sheetz, a multibillion convenience store retailer, will share their experience implementing Pentaho Business Intelligence on a webcast.  Sheetz has gained visibility into purchasing behavior, store performance metrics and cross-channel trends using Pentaho. Join us tomorrow, July 14, to learn about Convenient Self-Service BI. Register here: www.pentaho.com/events/20110714-bi-4-retail-webcast/


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