Vive la France!!

October 26, 2011

France consistently tops the European charts when it comes to Open Source software adoption, partly due to the leadership taken in by its public sector, which has a knock-on effect in the private sector.

Lately we’ve felt like the best thing since sliced bread, with our popularity on the rise and several new customers joining the fold over the past few months. We’ve attracted companies from a range of sectors, including one of the largest technology companies in the world, leading health insurers and local government organisations. One reason behind the success is surely our new French account manager, Cédric Fauvet*, but we suspect there are a few others:

  • We’ve truly localized so our French support and presence is better than ever, delivered by native speakers who truly understand the market and customer needs.
  • Our partners are a big part of this, providing hands-on training, workshops and Webinars (in French) to actively working with our team on customer projects. Our collaboration with them has never been better.
  • Enterprise product differentiation and value. The added functionality and value of our enterprise offering compared to the community open source project is undeniable, resulting in much faster implementations and giving more power to users.

Look out in the coming months for announcements of new French customers and success stories.  If you’d like to find out more about our local French services or interested in becoming a partner, don’t hesitate to contact Cédric on the number below.

A bientôt!
Davy Nys
Regional VP EMEA

Vive la France!! 

La France à toujours été à la pointe de l’Europe pour ce qui est de l’adoption de l’OpenSource, en partie grâce à la traction du secteur public, qui a ensuite par effet boule de neige, contaminé le secteur privé.

Nous venons de rentrer dans une période faste, une popularité en croissante, plusieurs nouveaux clients qui rejoignent nos rangs. Nous avons par exemple attiré des sociétés issues de secteurs variés, incluant une des plus grandes sociétés technologiques dans le monde, le leader des assurances et plusieurs organisations locales. Une raison derrière ce succès est certainement notre nouveau responsable commercial, Cédric Fauvet, mais nous soupçonnons aussi les causes suivantes :

  • Nous sommes bien mieux localisés, nous supportons nos clients en Français et notre présence est meilleure que jamais, assurées par des Francophones natifs qui comprennent parfaitement le marché et les besoins des clients.
  • Nos partenaires y sont pour bonne part aussi, par la fourniture de formations clés en mains, par la participation à des ateliers et des Webinaires (en Français) avec notre équipe. Notre collaboration avec eux n’a jamais été meilleure.
  • Les nombreux différenciateurs et la valeur ajoutée de notre édition professionnelle.

Restez à l’écoute les prochains mois, pour de nouvelles annonces concernant nos futurs clients Français et leurs « succes stories ». Si vous souhaitez en savoir plus sur les nos services dans l’hexagone et les zones Francophones ou si vous êtes intéressé pour rejoindre la liste de nos partenaires, n’hésitez pas à contacter Cédric au numéro suivant

A bientôt!
Davy Nys
Regional VP EMEA

La vie en Pentaho

December 15, 2010

As I write this blog I am on my way back home after a day in Paris where we participated in our first industry event in France last week.

Much of the past week has been French flavoured with the announcement of Pentaho in France, including several interviews with journalists, publications writing about and picking up on our announcement and last but  certainly not least, the launch of our brand-new website in French. It was about time that we truly had a local presence in France!

To emphasise our intentions, we participated in the Forum Decideo 2010, an annual event held in Paris which brings together BI experts, users, vendors for a series of case study presentations and expert sessions. We attended the event with our new French partner Valuetis, who also sponsored the event. It was a great experience to meet and speak with so many of our French friends.

Speaking of partners, we also held a webinar, Delivering low risk, low cost business intelligence solutions, last week with a new UK partner called Voodoo, who bring years of BI experience to bear and are fully focused on Pentaho. If you missed today’s webinar, feel free to view the replay here.

It’s really ‘La vie en Pentaho‘ these days and a great way to move through the last month of 2010.

Many of you are probably busy finishing up some activities before the holiday seasons, so I wish you all ‘bon courage’.

Vinay Joosery
Pentaho Corporation


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