Introducing Pentaho 5.1 – Powering Big Data Analytics at Scale

14-054-Pentaho-5.1-Panel-v5You can’t predict tomorrow with yesterday’s tools. At Pentaho, this has been a core tenant in staying nimble and innovating in this disruptive market. Today, at MongoDB World in New York, we announced Pentaho Business Analytics 5.1, a culmination of speed of innovation and community and customer engagement. Pentaho 5.1 supports our ongoing strategy to make big data analytics faster—at scale—and easier and more accessible for more users.

The most powerful insights are revealed when Big Data can be accessed and blended data at the source. 5.1 enables users to do this in a seamless way eliminating the need for specialized set of skills and bridging the data-to-analytics divide. Our recent Data Science Pack blog post, references analyst research estimating that the top two time-consuming big data tasks are solving data quality and consistency issues (46%) and preparing data for integration (52%). We know a huge amount of resources are spent just getting data ‘ready’ to discover the greatest land mine or gold mine of data.

In 5.1 we are streamlining the big data process and making big data a reality for all with three innovations including:

  • Direct analytics on MongoDB – Unlocks the value of data in NoSQL through interactive visual analysis. Native integration leverages the MongoDB Aggregation Framework, Replication and Tag Sets for direct analysis on MongoDB collections with no impact on throughput.
  • Data Science Pack  – Operationalizes predictive models, drastically reducing data preparation time and effort. The pack includes integration with both R and Weka, two of the most popular machine learning and predictive analytic toolsets in use today by data scientists.
  • Full YARN Support – Reduces complexity for big data developers while leveraging the full power of Hadoop.

Just listen to our customer, Chris Palm, Lead Software Architecture Engineer at MultiPlan share just how daunting the data-to-analytics process can be “Traditional RDBMS analytics can get very complicated and, quite frankly, ugly when working with semi or unstructured data. The Pentaho 5.1 platform is meeting market needs, allowing users to directly analyze data in MongoDB. We have seen more accurate results with new analyses and are no longer constrained by having to pull only part of our data. We can now look across a more full set of data and govern our system of record to gain greater insights.”

I encourage you to explore the impressive new capabilities in Pentaho 5.1. You can access resources such as videos, webinar and download at:

Chris Dziekan
EVP & Chief Product Officer

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