Informatica jumps on the Pentaho bandwagon

Big-Data_web.jpgYou know that a technology megatrend has truly arrived when the large vendors start to jump on the bandwagon. Informatica recently announced Informatica Vibe™ — its new virtual data machine (VDM), an embeddable data management engine that allows developers to “Map Once, Deploy Anywhere,” including into Hadoop, without generating or writing code. According to Informatica, developers can instantly become Hadoop developers without having to acquire new skills. Sound familiar?

I applaud Informatica’s efforts – but not for innovating or changing the landscape in data integration.  What I applaud them for is recognizing that the landscape for data integration has indeed changed, and it was time for them to join the party. “Vibe” itself may be new, but it is not a new concept, nor unique to the industry.  In fact, Pentaho recognized the need for a modern, agile, adaptive approach to data integration for OEMs and customers. We pioneered the Kettle “design once, run anywhere” embeddable virtual data engine back in 2005. And let’s set the record straight – Pentaho extended its lightweight data integration capabilities to Hadoop over three years ago as noted in this 2010 press release.

Over the past three years, Pentaho has delivered on Big Data Integration with many successful Hadoop customers, such as BeachMint, MobileThink, TravelTainment and Travian Games and continued our innovation — with not only Hadoop but also NoSQL, Analytical Engines, and other specialized Big Data stores. We have added test, deploy and real time monitoring functionality.  The Pentaho engine is embedded in multiple SaaS, Cloud, and customer applications today such as Marketo, Paytronix, Sharable Ink and Soliditet, with many more on the horizon. Our VDM is completely customer extensible and open. We insulate customers from changes in their data volumes, types, sources, computing platforms, and user types.  In fact, what Informatica states as intention and direction with Vibe, Pentaho Data Integration delivers today, and we continue to lead in this new landscape.


The Data Integration market has changed– the old, heavyweight, proprietary infrastructure players must adapt to current market demands. Agile, extensible, open, embeddable engines with pluggable infrastructures are the base, but it doesn’t end there. Companies of all sizes and verticals are requiring shorter development cycles, broad and deep big data ecosystem support, attractive price points and rich functionality, and all without vendor lock-in.  Informatica is adapting to play in the big data integration world by rebranding its products and signaling new direction.  Tony Baer, principal analyst at Ovum, summarizes this adaptation in his blog, “Informatica aims to get its vibe back.”

The game is on and Pentaho is at the forefront. We have very exciting big data integration news in store for you at the Hadoop Summit in Santa Clara on June 26-27 that unfortunately I have to keep the lid on for now. Stay tuned!


Richard Daley

Co-founder and chief strategy officer

4 Responses to Informatica jumps on the Pentaho bandwagon

  1. Todd Goldman says:


    Completely agree that an end-to-end architecture is critical. One that includes cloud, big data, real-time, and now even a free downloadable version. However, please note that Vibe is in fact not technically new. Informatica has had a virtual data machine for years. And, that same virtual data machine is used for batch, data virtualization, data quality, cloud integration and Hadoop as well as for embedding data integration and quality in 3rd party applications.

    What is new is our new entry level data integration product, PowerCenter Express as well as the fact that we are now calling attention to our Vibe Virtual Data Machine.

    We welcome Pentaho customers checking out PowerCenter Express at once it is generaly available for FREE download in early July.

    Best Regards,

    Todd Goldman
    vice president data integration and quality

    • Richard says:

      Todd – like I said, welcome to the party and happy to have you here. It’s good for customers to have options.

  2. Janette Blowing says:

    Great to see ETL vendors still focused on this space given how important data integration has become as more companies look to harness their data assets for business success. With that said, I am a long time data warehousing architect, have used many of the avaiable tools in the market including Powercenter, Datastage, Abinitio, etc. I am not a huge fan of analyst studies however our executive sponsors do look at what Gartner and Forrester writes on this space when making strategic technology investments. I’m curious why Pentaho is not listed on the latest Gartner Quadrant for data integration?

    • Richard says:

      Janette – good question. Pentaho’s data integration products are built for Analytics, not aimed at EAI, EII, etc and Gartner feels those areas are key to be on the DI MQ. We provide customers, partners and community members access, control, management and optimization of the data flow from apps to data techs like Hadoop, NoSQL, RDBMS, etc for cleansing, enrichment, aggregation, and then use our analytic products for discovery, exploration and predictive. A comprehensive solution versus silo approach. This resonates very well with our customers, especially in the big data space.

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