Pentaho Concierge Services – 5 FAQ


Anthony DeShazor, VP of Enterprise Architecture and Principal Enterprise Architect at Pentaho

Last  month Pentaho announced Pentaho Concierge Support Services. We sat down with Anthony DeShazor, VP of Enterprise Architecture and Principal Enterprise Architect at Pentaho and asked him the top 5 frequently asked questions from our customers about this new service. Here is a summary of what we learned:

1. Pentaho recently announced Pentaho Concierge Services. What does this service offer clients?

The Concierge Services provide s a stronger partnership relationship with Pentaho. However, it is much deeper than that. Concierge Services allow customers greater access to Pentaho resources in order to maximize the return of investment in Pentaho. With almost on-demand access to an assigned solution architect and invitations to exclusive technical events, Concierge customers have ongoing access to technical and architectural expertise and to experience in implementing large and complex Pentaho solutions. The solution architect will be a valued partner in developing a long term vision and a plan of implementation. Each solution architect will only serve a few customers, allowing the architect to develop intimate knowledge of customer goals, implementation, and environment. Moreover, this knowledge to help other areas of Pentaho provide better service to Concierge customers.

2. Who is this geared towards? Only fortune 500 companies / smaller fast growing companies can also take advantage of this?

Concierge Services are targeted for the larger and more complex implementations of Pentaho. These implementations are usually for the larger customers. However, smaller fast growing companies can take advantage of the program. In particular, Concierge is a great fit for customers of all sizes who have the internal technical skill but need ongoing technical guidance.

3. Does this Concierge service help clients that are evaluating / building big data projects?

Absolutely! The solution architects who provide Concierge are some of our most experienced architects. The team has experience in implementing Pentaho in many environments—big data, SaaS, enterprise, etc. Concierge is a tailored to help customers develop a vision for their implementation that could include big data and predictive.

4. How is this different than technical support?

Concierge Services and Technical Support are complementary in that they work together to help customers through their implementation; however, they have a specific roles. Technical Support helps with questions related to product features and issues. Concierge provides assistance on strategic questions such as “What is the best way to implement my strict security requirements in Pentaho deployed in multi-tenant SaaS environment” or “Can you provide feedback on the architecture of my Pentaho-Hadoop solution?” These requests are not necessary related to product features but require an analysis of the requirements and experience in large implementations.

5. Is this a charged offering? What should one expect to pay?

Yes, this is a charged offering,  but there are two different levels of engagement that clients can take part depending on your needs – Concierge and Concierge with Strategic Solution Architect. I could go into details of the long list of what is included in each of the services or you can see an easy to read check list of all inclusions on our website at

Thanks Anthony!

Let us know if you have any question and answers you would like us to add. Leave your questions in the comments section below.

To learn more about Pentaho Concierge Services visit:

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