Pentaho update to BBBT

Pentaho had the privilege of briefing the Boulder BI Brain Trust (BBBT) on July 20, 2012. The Boulder BI Brain Trust is a gathering of leading BI analysts, experts, and practitioners who attend half-day presentations from interesting and innovative BI vendors. After a very interactive morning presenting to the group, Pentaho CEO, Quentin Gallivan and SVP of Products, Jake Cornelius sat down with Claudia Imhoff, president and founder of the BBBT to discuss some of her questions from the morning about Pentaho.

The result is an excellent update about Pentaho products, technology and overall direction. Listen to a podcast of this interview to learn the following about Pentaho:

  • How Pentaho is differentiated?
  • What are the market forces for business analytics and how are they converging?
  • How is Pentaho meeting changes in market?
  • Overview of the Pentaho platform
  • What’s the reason for the BI embedded analytics trend?
  • What are some Pentaho big data customer examples?
  • What’s in the near future for Pentaho and its products?

Listen now: Claudia Imhoff interview with Pentaho leaders Quentin Gallivan, CEO and Jake Cornelius, SVP of Products

3 Responses to Pentaho update to BBBT

  1. prasad reddy says:

    Hi Roland,
    I have created 2 jobs as per requireemnt my query is am getting the error message like Stack over flow (Buffer Issue) even i was increased heap memory size upto 1024 but still am getting the error Please suggest me


    • Hi Prasad,
      I want to make sure that you contact Roland in a different way either personally or over the forums. If you are an enterprise customer you should submit this to through our support portal. This blog is a great place for overall discussions about Pentaho news, products and services but not for technical support.
      Rebecca Shomair
      Director of Corporate Communications

  2. Nice blog – thanks Rebecca!

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