The secret weapon to being more productive

When focused on business analytic processes, where do you think you spend most of your time? The Business Analytics benchmark research by Ventana Research, uncovered that the top obstacle in the analytics process is that two-thirds of the time is spent on data-related tasks. That is a lot of time!

But there is a way to overcome this obstacle and uncover the solution to be being more productive. Mark Smith highlights the new features in Pentaho Business Analytics 4.5 as the secret weapon. In his blog, Pentaho Business Analytics Brings Visual Discovery and More big Data Support, Smith points out how Pentaho 4.5 addresses one of the most significant obstacles to the analytics process stating, “This new release helps business and IT work together. Users can massage data and perform analysis with an integrated set of products from a single vendor, which our research finds less than one in five organizations do today. If you have not taken a look at Pentaho, investigate this version, as it is a great example of business intelligence growing into business analytics.

So if you’re spending too much time on data related tasks it’s time to try the secret weapon and take a look at Pentaho Business Analytics 4.5 with new interactive visualizations and big data support.

I think you will be impressed with how we continue to prove the future of business analytics is bringing business intelligence and data integration together in a modern unified platform.

Let me know what you think (leave a comment below, on our Facebook page or on Twitter @Pentaho).

Donna Prlich – Director, Product and Solutions Marketing at Pentaho

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