Hooked on Eye Candy

Yesterday I was quoted in an article on CBR Online by Steve Evans titled, BI visualisation is just “eye candy”: Pentaho. This hook of “eye candy” has stirred up a lot of comments and I’m pleased that Pentaho is at the center of an interesting debate!

Why pleased? It means that we are having a dialogue and I can see from your Tweets and blog post (see below) that many of you value Pentaho‘s end-to-end business analytics model that enables customers to make great business decisions fast and cost-effectively.

Tom Barber made some great points on his blog, Playing to your strengths is good for business — that we should sell to our strengths, highlighting that “Pentaho is a great at data manipulation.”

Then Pedro Alves from Webdetails says on his blog Substance AND Style that you need both – and we agree.

Let me put a bit more context around the great conversation I had with Steve last week at the Business Cloud Summit in London. We discussed areas that can limit a company’s ability to take action on the information that impacts their company’s success.

At Pentaho, we are  taking out pain by automating difficult processes for both the end users AND the IT team.  A modern analytics platform must offer data governance, ETL services, the full spectrum of reports, dashboards, ad-hoc analysis and data mining/predictive analytics, as well as embrace big and diverse data.

Before meeting with Steve at CBR, I had an interesting discussion in London with Alys Woodward of IDC about data governance, a process that IT people care about and is getting more complex because of all the new technologies and different data models.  We care about this too, even if it does fall into the ‘hard to do’ category.  Pentaho has a simple and intuitive graphical user interface to more easily move data in and out of Hadoop.

These IT services have certainly not come at the expense of visual presentation for the end user.  While in London, I met with a UK enterprise CRM software provider called HTK, which is embedding our reports and analytics into his company’s software to deliver SaaS Cloud version aimed at marketing professionals, who have some of the highest standards for ease-of-use visual presentation and reporting flexibility. One of the reason’s his firm chose Pentaho was for our visually appealing data discovery, analysis and visualization tools that will enable his new SME customer to get up and running without special training or support services.

In the end the hook of ‘eye candy’ may have grabbed your attention, however, at Pentaho, we believe that both substance and style are required to drive the future of analytics. Let’s keep this dialogue and debate going in 2012.


One Response to Hooked on Eye Candy

  1. And I’m pleased to see the very thoughtful blog posts that Steve’s interview with you has inspired. IT’s voice clearly needs to be heard as the challenges posed by the data volume and variety become more onerous for businesses.

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