What do OEMs and Healthcare have in common?

November 28, 2011

What do OEMs and Healthcare have in common? This week, Pentaho is hosting exciting webinars featuring both topics. Attend both events from the convenience of your desk.

OEM Webinar – Wednesday, November 30th

Companies interested in embedding powerful analytics into their solution should make sure to register for a webinar exclusively for OEMs: Pentaho BI Server Content Integration. On Wednesday, November 30th, Anthony de Shazor, Enterprise Architect and VP of OEM Development Services, will explore the various strategies of exposing existing Pentaho reports and Analyzer reports in partner applications through lightweight integration technologies including HTTP and AJAX.

This is part of the exclusive OEM Tech Series. You can watch past OEM focused webinars here:

Healthcare Webinar – Thursday, December 1st

Rather than tell you the benefits of Pentaho Business Analytics for healthcare companies, we invited one of our customers to share their experience. St. Antonius Hospital is a leading clinical training hospital in the Netherlands with six outpatient locations servicing over 547,200 inpatients and 50,000 outpatients a year. Like many healthcare organizations, St. Antonius Hospital was faced with the challenge of improving patient care while reducing operating costs and complying with new government reporting standards, all the while lacking sufficient data analysis capabilities and a central data warehouse.

Attend the webinar on Thursday, December 1st to learn how St. Antonius used Pentaho to put business intelligence into the hands of doctors and administrators, enabling them to make better decisions that helped reduced emergency room turnaround times, streamlined operating room processes and improved preventive care.

Register now for these helpful webinars.

Pentaho Scores World-Class CMO Rosanne Saccone

November 17, 2011

We are very excited to announce that we have scored a rock star Chief Marketing Officer, Rosanne Saccone. Rosanne is truly a world-class CMO with one of the best reputations and track records in the technology industry. She is responsible for Pentaho’s strategic messaging, product marketing and lead generation.

Rosanne is a seasoned marketing executive with over 20 years of results-driven marketing, management and finance experience in the high tech industry. Her career highlights include:

  • Served as Vice President, Americas Enterprise Marketing at HP;
  • Gained expertise in business intelligence, analytics and SaaS as CMO of Pivotlink, where she worked alongside current Pentaho CEO, Quentin Gallivan;
  • Crafted strategic messaging and spearheaded all aspects of marketing as CMO and SVP at BEA Systems;
  • Served as Executive Vice President of Marketing at Olliance, a consulting firm specializing in open source software;
  • Graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Stanford and received an MBA from University of Virginia.

Welcome Rosanne!

Stay tuned for a Q&A video of Rosanne.

The Rise of Analytics in Healthcare – Part 1

November 15, 2011

Recently SearchHealthIT.com published a study revealing that today only 50 percent of healthcare organizations make extensive use of analytics. Yet, the rest are getting started (40 percent) or are planning to implement (10 percent) – see figure 1. This is no surprise. Like many industries, healthcare seeks to improve efficiency and reduce costs using analytics. But unlike many other industries, healthcare is a heavily regulated sector, shifting from a pay for service culture to a pay for performance approach. This requires healthcare providers to measure their quality of care performance metrics. In addition, the rise of evidence-based medicine is creating demand for analytics. Advanced analytics help providers gain scientific evidence for clinical treatments, instead of only using their conventional wisdom.

Figure 1

Among many interesting points, one interesting angle that the survey revealed is the predominant types of analytic functions that healthcare providers are looking to use in the near future. Based on this data in Figure 2, the two top analytics functions that the CIOs plan to use in the next two years include:

1. Health Information Exchange (42%)

2. Predictive Analysis of Diseases (43.6%)

Figure 2

Let’s explore the reasons behind each one:

Health Information Exchange

Historically, healthcare information systems have been built around special departmental needs. For example, a radiology department uses its own information system to log patient data, while laboratory services, patient admissions and urgent care each use their own systems to store information. This creates information silos, trapping patient data across multiple sources.

With the increasing populations of patients and higher demands for quality of care, having a single view of patients information has become much more important than what it used to be. However, because each of the information systems stores data in a particular shape, size, and format, creating a holistic view of a patient becomes increasingly harder.

To cope with this issue, HL7, a non-profit organization, has developed a set of standards for exchanging healthcare information. By using common standards, different information systems can communicate, exchange, and share information much easier.

Today HL7 is an international framework for information exchange among different healthcare organizations. More and more hospitals, health centers and medical services are adopting HL7 every day. With the growing adoption of these standards, the demand for data integration tools that can retrieve information from different repositories, parse, consolidate and transform it into these standards has become extremely high.

A vivid example of how better integration and exchange of health information has helped a healthcare organization accelerate its quality of care is St. Antonius Hospital. Based in The Netherlands and with six locations around Utrecht, St. Antonius Hospital uses Pentaho Business Analytics to build a holistic view of both hospital activities and patients. By using Pentaho as the central business analytics platform, St. Antonius was able to break down departmental silos, making data analysis available to the entire hospital staff, providing highest quality of care over a half-million patients a year.

Interested to find out how St. Antonius was able to overcome its health information challenges? Register for the webinar on December 1st: St. Antonius Hospital Improves Patient Services with Better Data Access and Analysis.

Stay tuned – in Part 2 of this blog, we will explore the reasons behind the high growth of Predictive Analysis of Diseases.

Farnaz Erfan
Product Marketing, Pentaho

Customer Success with Pentaho: Cinca

November 10, 2011

Business analytics are very valuable in higher education due to the volume and range of decisions, with both political and financial impact, that universities need to make throughout the academic year related to things like student taxes, course offerings, building maintenance and human resources.

To address the specific needs of universities, Pentaho customer, Cineca, developed an integrated information system for higher education institutions, called U-GOV, which includes a business intelligence and analytics suite specifically designed for universities and called U-GOV Planning and Controlling. U-GOV Planning and Controlling consists of nine different integrated modules including accounting, human resources, research and student analytics, a planning and budgeting process, dashboards and key performance indicators, as well as best practices adapted to the university environment. Thirty universities currently use the software.

To make the system more sustainable and easier to manage, Cineca decided to replace all proprietary business intelligence platforms (Microstrategy and Qliktech) and standardize on a single open source business analytics platform. After an in-depth evaluation by its research lab, Cineca chose Pentaho for its integration capabilities, meta data management, OLAP capabilities, cost, user functionality, service support and centralized product management. Currently, U-GOV Planning and Controlling is in its second phase of migration and the results have been so positive already that Cineca plans to offer it beyond Italy.

Nicola Bertazzoni, External Relations at Cineca said, “By embedding Pentaho Business Analytics, Cineca can provide its 30 U-GOV Planning and Controlling customers with much less complexity and more benefits. We can now deliver sophisticated views of operational data, in time, to support much sounder planning decisions. Embedding Pentaho has been such a success we are looking to expand our operations internationally.”

Read the full customer success story about Cineca embedding Pentaho Business Analytics.

Explore the benefits of embedding amazing analytics into your application.

Pentaho.com Makeover

November 3, 2011

Today Pentaho launched a new look, feel and messaging to our website. Check it out.

We’re All Over the World this November

November 1, 2011

This month, Pentaho is offering a host of training classes all over the world – from Mumbai to Paris to Chicago. Take one of our Pentaho BI Suite Bootcamp classes (offered in more than 15 cities this month!) to get started with Pentaho or hone your skills by taking an advanced class. To learn more about Pentaho’s new extreme in-memory analytics capabilities, register for our webinar on November 10.

Nov 10 – Delivering Extreme-Scale In-Memory Analytics – Online

Live Events
Nov 3 – Seminar in French: Accélérez votre processus d’information décisionnelle grâce à Pentaho – Paris, France
Nov 8 – Financial Information Management Conference and Exhibition – London, UK
Nov 16 – Seminar in Portuguese: Maior Autonomia e Poder Para o Utilizador – Libson, Portugal
Nov 24 – Conference: A Demonstration of Pentaho’s Support for Big Data – Netherlands
Nov 29 – Big Data and Analytic Databases Forum – Neuss, Germany

Nov 1 – Pentaho BI Suite Bootcamp – San Francisco, CA
Nov 7 – Pentaho BI Suite Bootcamp – Guadalajara, Mexico
Nov 7 – Pentaho BI Suite Bootcamp – Lyon, France
Nov 7 – Pentaho BI Suite Bootcamp – Santiago, Chile
Nov 7 – Pentaho BI Suite Bootcamp – Warsaw, Poland
Nov 8 – Pentaho BI Suite Bootcamp – Wien, Austria
Nov 8 – Pentaho BI Suite Bootcamp – Nieuwegein, Netherlands
Nov 8 – Pentaho BI Suite Bootcamp – Manila, Philippines
Nov 8 – Pentaho Data Integration for Database Developers – Buenos Aires, Argentina
Nov 14 – Pentaho BI Suite Bootcamp – Mumbai, India
Nov 15 – Agile BI for Business Analysts – Online (Italian)
Nov 15 – Pentaho BI Suite Bootcamp – Chicago, IL
Nov 15 – Pentaho BI Suite Bootcamp – Frankfurt, Germany
Nov 15 – Pentaho BI Suite Bootcamp – Orlando, FL
Nov 15 – Pentaho BI Suite Bootcamp – Buenos Aires, Argentina
Nov 15 – Pentaho BI Suite Bootcamp – Fulda, Germany
Nov 15 – Pentaho Data Integration for Database Developers – Frankurt, Germany
Nov 21 – Pentaho BI Suite Bootcamp – Roma, Italy
Nov 21 – Agile BI for Business Analysts – Online
Nov 21 – Penatho BI Suite Bootcamp – Paris, France
Nov 21 – Pentaho BI Suite Bootcamp – Bucharest, Romania
Nov 21 – Pentaho Report Design Techniques – Online (German)
Nov 21 – Pentaho Report Design Techniques – Online
Nov 22 – Pentaho Report Design Techniques – Online (Spanish)
Nov 22 – Pentaho Data Integration for Database Developers – Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Nov 29 – Pentaho Architect’s Bootcamp – San Francisco, CA
Nov 29 – Pentaho Report Design Techniques – Online (Italian)
Nov 29 – Pentaho Report Design Techniques – Online


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