No Two OEMs are the Same

August 29, 2011

At Pentaho we believe that no two OEMs are the same and they should not be serviced or supported as a typical support customer. To address this fact we established the Pentaho OEM Development Services Group so that we can enable everyone from emerging vendors to multi-billion dollar companies to experience rapid time-to-value as they deploy Pentaho BI technology to bring innovative, differentiated and low-cost applications to market.

Register for the OEM Tech Series Webinar
Wednesday, August 31st at 2:oo p.m. ET
Session 1: Architecture of the BI Server

Our OEM customers have chosen to embed Pentaho BI to bring innovative, differentiated and low-cost applications to market. Read their stories below. The new OEM Development Services Group will focus solely on the needs of these partners who are faced with unprecedented demand and sophisticated functionality requirements.

Marketo’s new web-based revenue performance management solutions embed functionality for slicing and dicing data and creating ad hoc reports and dashboards. Thanks to Pentaho’s services, Marketo brought its new product to market in just eight weeks; building it themselves would have taken three months with four full-time engineers. George Jaquette, SVP of Engineering at Marketo, explains,“We were looking to partner with a cloud-deployable, flexible BI technology provider. Pentaho helped us meet our goal of rapid time-to-market by delivering a feature-rich product in just eight weeks.”

IQNavigator, Inc., the leading SaaS provider of services procurement and extended workforce solutions, needed a solution showcasing their client-facing Business Intelligence capabilities with specific focus on information visualizations, on-demand dashboards and mobile access for their client base of global procurement executives managing billions of dollars of services spend. IQNavigator, winner of the 2011 Global Partner Award for Most Innovative Embedded Product, integrated Pentaho Analyzer in their SaaS platform and branded the robust features as Data Xplorer and Visual Xplorer, key elements of their Business Intelligence suite, IQNtelligence. Eric Cohen, Vice President, Business Intelligence at IQNavigator explains, “Our clients are responsible for understanding their large, global contingent workforce programs and depend on having the right information available, at the right time and in the right format to drive critical business decisions. Leveraging key technologies provided by Pentaho allows our clients simple and effective access to mountains of rich data supporting important hiring and sourcing strategies. When we showcased our Data Xplorer and Visual Xplorer reporting suites to our clients, they were very engaged and the demonstrations on the iPad left them ‘wowed’.”

CIPAL in Belgium, which serves the public sector, is particularly attracted to open source BI software for its flexibility, customizability and pricing model. According to Sven Meermans, Business Development Manager, CIPAL, “Pentaho BI’s affordable, open source technology was the best choice for our new white label Athena BI application, which runs on CIPAL’s delivery platform based on open standards, open infrastructure, and open communications. The benefits that the open source community provides, including its knowledge base and plug-ins combined with professional support Pentaho offers with its enterprise edition, enabled us to roll out our Athena BI pilot to four social welfare organizations in just four months.”

Don’t forget to register for the OEM tech series
The first webinar is Wednesday, August 31st at 2:oo p.m. ET

An Award to Brag About

August 24, 2011

We are always honored and excited when we win industry awards for our products and services. However, one award that we are excited to brag about is being named the 2011 Sheetz IT VIP Award Winner!

Sheetz, a $4.9 billion convenience store retailer, has been a Pentaho customer since 2009. To help ramp up and aid in deployment, Sheetz engaged Pentaho Consulting for a long-term engagement. Throughout the past year, Pentaho Consultant, Rodrigo Haces (pictured above on the far right), was a dedicated resource to Sheetz and helped several IT Developers and Data Stewards become experts with Pentaho tools. As a testament to Pentaho’s top-tier consulting services, Pentaho was named as a 2011 Sheetz IT VIP Award Winner.

Pentaho BI helps our customers succeed by making better decisions that impact their bottom line. Sheetz has hundreds of vendors that they work with to manage their 390 stores and 13,500 employees. It means so much to us be recognized as an IT VIP for our positive impact on their company.

Congratulations Rodrigo Haces and Pentaho Services.
We look forward to adding this award to our trophy case.

Learn more about Sheetz success with Pentaho

Back to School Savings

August 23, 2011

It’s that time again… school is back in session. As kids head back to school in the States, its time to start thinking about heading back to school yourself. Pentaho training has a full session of classes this semester featuring a few of the most popular courses of the year. These are classes that you don’t want to skip.

Need an extra incentive to enroll? Check out these upcoming classes and receive a 25% discount!

Take the BI Suite Bootcamp and attain the latest Pentaho certification! The four day BI Suite Bootcamp class provides a hands-on overview of the Pentaho BI suite.
Original Course Fee: $2500/ now $1,875 (Save 25% with discount code:  25PERCENTOFF. Discount valid only for 9/13 San Francisco and Frankfurt, Germany class.)

Experienced Pentaho BI Suite developers can advance their technical skills and register for an Architect’s Bootcamp class. *This course has a prerequisite of the BI Suite Bootcamp.
Original Course Fee: $3995/ now $2,996 (Save $995 with discount code: 25PERCENTOFF. Discount valid only for 9/19 Frankfurt, Germany class.)

Don’t be tardy and register now. For more information, please visit or email

Upcoming Training classes (listed by class type; class length varies)

Location Language Provider Date/Time Availability
Online Italian Sep 13, 2011   9:30 AM Register Now
Online English Oct 4, 2011   1:00 PM Register Now
Online English Nov 8, 2011   11:00 AM Register Now
Online Italian Nov 15, 2011   9:00 AM Register Now
Location Language Provider Date/Time Availability
Frankfurt, Germany English Sep 19, 2011   9:00 AM Register Now
Orlando, FL English Oct 18, 2011   9:00 AM Register Now
Location Language Provider Date/Time Availability
Sydney, NSW, Australia English Aug 30, 2011   9:00 AM Register Now
Mexico, Distrito Federal, Mexico Spanish Sep 5, 2011   8:00 AM Register Now
Santiago, Chile, Spanish Sep 5, 2011   9:00 AM Register Now
Nieuwegein, Utrecht, Netherlands Dutch Sep 6, 2011   9:30 AM Register Now
Paris, , France French Sep 12, 2011   9:00 AM Register Now
Manchester, United Kingdom English Sep 12, 2011   9:30 AM Register Now
Frankfurt, Germany English Sep 13, 2011   9:00 AM Register Now
San Francisco, CA English Sep 13, 2011   9:00 AM Register Now
Massa, MS, Italy Italiano Sep 19, 2011   9:00 AM Register Now
Istanbul, Turkey English Sep 19, 2011   9:30 AM Register Now
Orlando, FL English Sep 20, 2011   9:00 AM Register Now
Barcelona, Spain Spanish Sep 26, 2011   9:00 AM Register Now
Buenos Aires, Argentina Spanish Sep 27, 2011   9:00 AM Register Now
Singapore, Singapore English Oct 3, 2011   9:30 AM Register Now
Milano, MI, Italy Italiano Oct 10, 2011   9:00 AM Register Now
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Melbourne, Australia English Oct 10, 2011   9:30 AM Register Now
Orlando, FL English Oct 11, 2011   9:00 AM Register Now
Padova, PD, Italy Italiano Oct 17, 2011   9:00 AM Register Now
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San Francisco, CA English Nov 1, 2011   9:00 AM Register Now
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Fulda, Hessen, Germany German Nov 15, 2011   9:00 AM Register Now
Location Language Provider Date/Time Availability
Roma, RM, Italy Italiano Sep 5, 2011   9:00 AM Register Now
Buenos Aires, Argentina

What is Agile BI? Your answers from business user to fluff

August 18, 2011

As of today we have 110 posts on BI from the Swamp blog. Over the next two weeks we are going to repost the most popular blogs on BI from the Swamp since it launched in March 2010. Today’s blog was originally posted on May 12, 2010 by Doug Moran to highlight the results of our ‘What is Agile BI?’ contest. Over a year later, Agile BI continues to be the hot topic. For example, the theme of the TDWI World conference last week was Evolving your Agile BI Environment. Multiple times at the conference we were asked how Pentaho defined the term, Agile BI. A quick an easy answer was to point them to the blog below and to our Agile BI Practical Guide.

****************** original post from May 12, 2010*****************

Last month, Pentaho sponsored a contest where people answer the question -“What does agile BI mean?”  I was lucky enough to be one of the judges to determine who made it to the final five and win a Flip Ultra™ camcorder.  The results were posted today Now it’s up to the community to vote for their favorite answer and the winner gets an iPad – (yes, that means you).

When reading through hundreds of entries I began to see a pattern and being an old BI guy, that meant I had to make a pie chart. The answers fell into 5 main groups: BI Solution Development, Business Users, Entire Business marketing Fluff and Other.

Almost 34% of the entries cited Agile BI as an iterative methodology for developing BI solutions involving the end user as early and often as possible.  It is exemplified by one of the finalists “Agile is about speeding up the design/create/ship/observe cycle. The more you ship and observe, the better you learn to design and do. Whether you’re headed in the wrong direction or the right one, it’s imperative that you find that out as soon as possible.” Exactly what we have started with the PDI 4.0 release and are continuing to focus on.

A full 25% of the responses focused on the business user with quotes like, “Agile is never being caught flat-footed – being able to react and adapt with ease, leaving competitors in your wake.” The ability for end users to explore and analyze business data beyond static reporting is very important.  Applications like Pentaho Analyzer and Web-based Ad hoc Query and Reporting address this need. The modeling perspective added to PDI 4.0 reduces the complexity and learning curve associated with building metadata models and schemas in order to put that analytical power into the end user’s hands.

A little over 12% were not concerned whether the agility was on the development or user side.  They just knew that the business had to react quickly to changing business conditions.  “Agile means being able to rapidly adjust to changing conditions with speed and accuracy” was a typical response in this category.

Exactly 15% of people responded with what I call fluffy messages. These were creative and got the most attention from our marketing people (I wasn’t the only judge)  “The antonym to SAP”, “Less work, more money” and “Agile (with Pentaho) means never having to say you’re sorry.”

The last 14% were entries like “agile is eliga read backwards” and the self-referencing “The only way to make agile decisions.” Not sure where they were going with some of these but they were also entertaining.

Out of the entries, there were nine attempts to make a phrase by using words that start with the letters A-G-I-L-E. Two people submitted papers on agile BI.  We even had a submission written in Haiku.  No one went for the extra creativity points by using video or interpretive dance.  We didn’t get any abusive, obscene or SPAM entries, which was nice.

There were only two negative responses complaining that Agile BI was marketing hype.  Here is one of them, “Two answers. 1. Personally, “Agile BI” means nothing to me. Sounds like yet another attempt by marketing to create an artificial differentiator. 2. If I had to describe “Agile BI” or die, I’d say, “An Agile BI environment enables an organization’s people and processes to quickly adapt to new or changed user requirements, ideally through self-learning and pre-emptive adjustments.” Answer two is exactly what we intend to enable with this initiative and when we are successful, that will prove the number one answer wrong.

Pentaho is committed to Agile BI. We believe our development plan is in line with the majority of respondents to this contest. PDI 4.0 is a great start but it is just the first steps and we are using this feedback to help set the product roadmap for the next half of this year and beyond. Thank you for participating! Please vote for one of the finalists.

Doug Moran
Pentaho Community Guy

Does the Current Financial Crisis Impact BI Investments?

August 12, 2011

“Fear returned to Wall Street on Wednesday, sending the S&P 500 to another 4 percent decline, triggered by worries that Europe’s debt crisis could engulf French banks and spill onto the U.S. financial sector.” Campos, R. (2011, August 10). Banks drag Wall Street lower as fear returns. Reuters

Uncertainty is a common theme in economies worldwide at this time. Companies with Business Intelligence have a competitive advantage in ‘uncertain times.’ Business Intelligence and Predictive Analysis can forecast the future of the market, competition, and help with planning budgets and investments.

Although businesses intelligence provides a great way for organizations to view information as a strategic asset, available options in the market are either priced very high or require long implementation cycles. A struggling economy puts even more pressure on customers’ buying agendas. Stories of our customers validate this fact and shed new light into how businesses are coping with tough economic times:

  • After excessive maintenance and upgrade costs for an existing Oracle BI, Otto International looked to Pentaho for a BI solution that not only dramatically reduces ongoing costs, but is also a modern and scalable solution for their complex and time-consuming BI tasks.

“Working with BrainChild and Pentaho, we’ve been able to improve our BI capabilities and dramatically reduce our ongoing BI costs.” – Otto International, An International Trading Organization

  • London Oncology Clinic selected Pentaho over SAP Business Objects because SAP’s price per additional user created a large uplift, inhibiting their staff, senior management, and board to benefit from reports on treatment types and diagnoses.

“We entered negotiations with Business Objects, but the price-level limited our options.” – London Oncology Clinic, Europe’s Top Cancer Treatment Facility

  • After going through a cumbersome and manual process for creating and distributing reports manually, BNSF Logistics was able to build its data analysis and reporting in just 6 weeks after purchasing Pentaho.

“Not only did we deliver a powerful business intelligence tool set for our organization in short order, but were able to do so at a fraction of the cost of proprietary alternatives.” – BNSF Logistics, Leading Supply Chain Company 

As an alternative to reading the depressing headlines about the economy, I suggest a white paper that reveals low cost, high value alternatives to BI. Leading Industry Analyst, Mark Madsen compares open source BI pricing to other BI tools that carry a hefty price tag and long implementation cycles. Hopefully the results in this report will give you a glimmer of hope in the days of rising prices and falling economy.

Farnaz Erfan
Product Marketing

The New School of BI: An Agile BI Practical Guide

August 9, 2011

According to The Data Warehousing Institute (TDWI), “Agile business intelligence addresses a broad need to enable flexibility by accelerating the time it takes to deliver value with BI projects.”

Essentially, TDWI’s definition of Agile BI is doing more in less time. Of course, that sounds very appealing, but the question is: How does Agile BI accomplish more in less time?

As a pioneer in Agile BI, Pentaho has interviewed several customers using our Agile BI solution and have found that the most effective approach to BI includes the following actions:

  • Creating smaller projects that add up to the big picture
  • Rapidly deploying the initial solution, focusing on a few reports or metrics at a time
  • Building on that foundation with frequent iterations and checkpoints
  • Facilitating constant collaboration between Business and IT  throughout the life of the project

By starting small and growing bigger through multiple iterations, Agile BI creates a rapid development environment for BI project teams and avoids keeping IT working in a vacuum. These projects stay on track and improve over time through constant collaboration between business and technical users.

Unfortunately, most of practitioners still approach BI the old-school way. This is due to the industry culture, outdated skills in the market and access to only traditional/proprietary BI tools that have dominated the market for the past 10 to 20 years.

The times have changed. The BI buyer now has several options such as: Data Discovery tools, Cloud-based and hosted solutions, and unified Data Integration and Visualization platforms. The new school rules have opened the playing field making it easier for BI practitioners to be more productive and get something up and running quickly.

Download the Agile BI Practical Guide – How to Lead your BI Project with a Brand New Approach which was developed via insight gained from interviewing our customers who have previous experience with other BI tools before choosing Pentaho. The guide summarizes the top three major reasons that BI projects fail and describes a simple four-step process for solving these issues.

If you are attending TDWI World Conference in San Diego this week make sure to stop by our booth (#209) to learn more about Pentaho Agile BI.

Where is Pentaho this August?

August 2, 2011

With the number of out-of-office emails increasing, we at Pentaho have some excellent events and webcast for those of us enjoying a quieter workday in the month of August. One of the largest events of the month is TDWI World in San Diego August 7-12 (Come visit us in booth #209). At the conference we will make a big announcement and will go into details on a webcast on August 11th.

If you are like the lucky guy in the photo above to work remotely, I am envisioning you are attending one of our great webcast in August from a beautiful cliff overlooking the ocean. Wherever you are working or relaxing around the world this August, hopefully you will find the time to attend one of our webcasts, live events or training classes listed below.

Make sure to check our events page for the latest and greatest happenings at Pentaho.

August 3 – Successfully Evaluating Pentaho BI – online
August 10 – Regístrese para la demo de Pentaho BI 4.0 y repasar el caso de éxito de Banelco – online (Spanish)
August 11 – Product announcement – TBA – Check back for info and registration details
August 31 – OEM Tech Webcast Series: Architecture of the BI Server – online

Live Events
August 8-10  – TDWI World Conference – visit Pentaho in Booth #209 – San Diego
August 10 – Apertura de Datalytics en Colombia, Pentaho Platinum Partner y presentación de Pentaho BI 4.0 – Colombia

Training classes (listed by class type; class length varies)

Agile BI for Business Analysts

Location Language Provider Date/Time Availability
Online English Pentaho Aug 30, 2011   11:00 AM Register Now

Pentaho BI Suite Bootcamp

Location Language Provider Date/Time Availability
Zurich, 8021, Switzerland English Linalis Aug 8, 2011   9:00 AM Register Now
Madrid, , Spain Spanish Porta BI Aug 8, 2011   9:30 AM Register Now
Orlando, FL English Pentaho Aug 9, 2011   9:00 AM Register Now
Jakarta, , Indonesia English Porta BI Aug 15, 2011   9:30 AM Register Now
Dubai, , United Arab Emirates English Porta BI Aug 22, 2011   9:30 AM Register Now
Sydney CBD, NSW, Australia English BizCubed Aug 30, 2011   9:00 AM Register Now

Pentaho Data Integration for Database Developers

Location Language Provider Date/Time Availability
San Francisco, CA English Pentaho Aug 16, 2011   9:00 AM Register Now
Frankfurt, , Switzerland English Linalis Aug 29, 2011   9:00 AM Register Now

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