Leave the past behind: switch to CSS3

After years of saying ‘what-if,’ ‘some-day,’ and ‘boy wouldn’t that be nice,’ Pentaho has adopted CSS3 in its Java Web application. It took a major release (Pentaho BI 4) with a commitment to refresh our UI to adopt a more modern look. What the Pentaho development team delivered is part Apple IOS and part Windows 7: rounded corners; transparency effects; gradients; drop-shadows; text-shadows; and inner glows; all created with CSS3 while gracefully degrading for less-capable browsers. This single decision to adopt CSS3 made it possible to implement this new look in weeks instead of months.

Old: New:

A big leap to CSS3

Personal desires aside, browser usage statistics and a bunch of other boring factors pushed our corporate decision to move to CSS3. Suffice it to say, the time was right for us; the benefits of transitioning to CSS3 vs. continuing with the way we’d done things in the past suggested a huge advantage.

With our traditional approach, accomplishing this updated look would have required manual slicing of images and painstaking back-and-forth with developers, designers, and managers. A typical skinning exercise went something like this:

read the full post on DZone: Put your HTML on a diet, Alpha gradients with RGBA, Dealing with the down-side, Is it time for you to switch to CSS3?

blog by: Nick Baker, Lead Programmer, Pentaho

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