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June 29, 2011

Sales and Marketing team at Gatorland, Orlando, Florida

Ever dream of working at a hot, interesting, fun, and smart company with a great…..product? Then, you should take a look at Pentaho. We’ve just completed the most successful product launch in company history, breaking all records, and we’re looking for some rockstars to continue our forward momentum. Check out the open positions below and if you think you are a good fit, submit your resume to resumes@pentaho.com.

Want to know what its like working at Pentaho? Check out our blog series Q&A featuring interviews with Pentaho employees about their focus and outlook on the Business Intelligence industry.

Engineering Opportunities

Sales Opportunities

Services Opportunities

User stories behind user-driven BI

June 28, 2011

Can BI be so simple to use that it becomes the daily productivity tool for even the most casual user? Here at Pentaho, we are certainly seeing this side of BI in our customers. Here are their stories in their own words…

Boyne Resorts, the largest family run four-season resort in North America, is using Pentaho everyday to better understand its customer behavior and loyalty. Their Pentaho Dashboards show Boyne’s top 50 customers grouped by city and state. These color-coded dashboards show the concentration of customers in a given city, allowing Marketing Managers to gain immediate visibility into local market activities such as customer’s time spent in resorts. This information helps Boyne design a better mix of resort offers and loyalty points for its customers. Boyne also allows Resort Managers to optimize their operational excellence by using Pentaho Dashboards to assess profits from food and beverage, lift tickets, and lodging. Noah Meister, BI Director of Boyne Resorts, highlights Boyne’s transformation to this user-driven BI approach, in his remarks:

“We’ve advanced a major step forward for our business users by leveraging Pentaho. Boyne has a long history of being first and pursuing innovative ideas and implementing a fully functioning business intelligence application across our network of resorts follows that tradition.”

Delta Dental of Virginia, a member company of Delta Dental Plans Association, the nation’s largest dental benefit carrier, is using Pentaho BI to enable its 4,000+ knowledge workers to become a truly data-driven organization. Pentaho Reporting is integrated into company’s web site, and is a key component of DDVA’s customer service program. The web site tightly integrates claim processing systems and allows Knowledge Workers and Claim Managers to pull up accurate reports and claim status information on a daily basis. In addition, Pentaho Dashboards provide Underwriters with insight into fraudulent behavior. This new user-driven BI paradigm has been so successful that other Delta Dental member companies have asked for the same software. John Sheffield, Director of Software Development at Delta Dental of VA, marks this achievement by saying:  

“Pentaho has precipitated a cultural shift at Delta Dental of Virginia toward a knowledge worker paradigm. Once we had a BI platform that everyone could use and people understood its capabilities, they were transformed into knowledge workers who can look to data to answer their questions. As a result, people rely on data, not anecdotes to drive the business.”

ControlPay, world’s leader in freight auditing with presence in Netherlands, Ukraine, and USA, is using Pentaho to provide its customers deep insight into the most cost-effective logistics and transportation options. With Pentaho BI, this true B2B company is now able to provide an e-platform to its clients, some of which include world’s largest manufacturers such as Bridgestone, Proctor & Gamble and Schlumberger. The e-platform allows Distribution Managers, Supply Chain Managers, and Partners to assess variances in costs due to factors such as location, distance from distribution points, and contractual rates of regional carriers. A more drill-down analysis into less obvious costs such as weight per pallet, loyalty discounts, road tolls, and regional tax regimes, gives ControlPay a huge competitive advantage over other logistics suppliers. Pieter Kinds, Chief Operating Officer of ControlPay, speaks of this innovation by saying:

“Logistics is a major cost incurred by many businesses. Understanding the most efficient route to market across decentralized networks is a distracting challenge for organizations trying to satisfy global markets. Using our e-platform with Pentaho BI, brings disparate knowledge into one transparent hub, which means ControlPay customers have oversight on one screen of logistics data from many sources. This is a breakthrough!”

It is fascinating to see how BI has come such a long way from the old days of IT-centric report building. Interested to find out more about Pentaho’s User-Driven BI? Check out this 4 minute video and see for yourself: http://www.pentaho.com/power-to-the-user/

Farnaz Erfan
Product Marketing
Pentaho Corporation

Leave the past behind: switch to CSS3

June 28, 2011

After years of saying ‘what-if,’ ‘some-day,’ and ‘boy wouldn’t that be nice,’ Pentaho has adopted CSS3 in its Java Web application. It took a major release (Pentaho BI 4) with a commitment to refresh our UI to adopt a more modern look. What the Pentaho development team delivered is part Apple IOS and part Windows 7: rounded corners; transparency effects; gradients; drop-shadows; text-shadows; and inner glows; all created with CSS3 while gracefully degrading for less-capable browsers. This single decision to adopt CSS3 made it possible to implement this new look in weeks instead of months.

Old: New:

A big leap to CSS3

Personal desires aside, browser usage statistics and a bunch of other boring factors pushed our corporate decision to move to CSS3. Suffice it to say, the time was right for us; the benefits of transitioning to CSS3 vs. continuing with the way we’d done things in the past suggested a huge advantage.

With our traditional approach, accomplishing this updated look would have required manual slicing of images and painstaking back-and-forth with developers, designers, and managers. A typical skinning exercise went something like this:

read the full post on DZone: Put your HTML on a diet, Alpha gradients with RGBA, Dealing with the down-side, Is it time for you to switch to CSS3?

blog by: Nick Baker, Lead Programmer, Pentaho

Open Source Fuels “Power To The User”

June 22, 2011

Traditionally open source Business Intelligence (OSBI) has been adopted by individuals with an “I” in their acronym: IT, SI, and ISVs.  This made sense because Open Source software started with deep technical roots in operating systems, appservers, RDBMSs, ESBs, etc., and when Pentaho pioneered OSBI in 2004 it was no different. The OSBI landscape back then was filled with some very nice technical projects, some desire from the “then current” open source proponents to move higher in the stack, and the overwhelming BI market screaming for disruption in the form of better products, better architectures and better pricing.

Over the next few years Pentaho built out a great BI platform with end-to-end BI capabilities and quickly became known as “The” OS BI Suite vendor. In conjunction with building product, we built out vibrant open source communities that helped spur our growth and adoption. We were the only clear alternative to Business Objects, Cognos, Oracle and Microstrategy, and the market was hungry for a better and more appropriately-priced offering. We’ve experienced incredible growth over the last couple of years as we continue to deliver great, solid, scalable, secure and functionally-rich products to the market – both to our open source communities and to our paying customers and partners.

In 2009 we started delivering more products geared toward the “business user,” a.k.a. “end-user,” a.k.a. “casual user,” a.k.a. “non-techie.” We immediately started seeing more people convert into customers and this trend grew significantly all the way through 2010. This was a great move in that direction, but we knew that another gap needed to be plugged in order to really satisfy growing market needs – better web-based reporting and data visualization as well as an easier way to get to data. People want results fast and easy, especially the “non-technical user.”  Voila, Pentaho BI 4.0 directly addresses these needs and pain points.  Check it all out here in our Pentaho BI 4 resource center.

Pentaho BI 4 is our biggest release ever that’s geared toward the business user. This product makes it not only possible, but makes it easy for business users to access their own data and do their own reporting, analytics, data discovery and dashboards. We’ve shielded users from the underlying complexities while also giving them the power that they desire.  Our open source roots make it clear that we are all about the people, and this release specifically extends that philosophy to include the “non-technical people.”

Pentaho BI 4 will greatly expand our addressable market size and customer profile. Our early feedback from customers, partners and communities indicates that this is a huge inflection point for our product line and company.  Our launch webcast on Thursday June 23 – Pentaho BI 4 Live – has already broken our previous webcast registration by 250%!

There must be some real unsolved thirst for pushing power to the user.


Coming Soon – Pentaho BI 4

June 20, 2011

This week we will launch Pentaho BI 4 Enterprise Edition. This major product launch has exciting new and improved enhancements for casual business users, business analysts and developers/administrators. We can’t give too many details away today but we encourage you to register now for the live demo on June 23. Be the first to learn about these exciting new features (hint: reporting, data discovery, UI, self-service).

Spotlight this week: LexisNexis, Infobright, OpenBI

June 17, 2011

We’ve been heads down the past month preparing for our next MAJOR product launch coming soon (sign-up to be the first to see the impressive new features). In the meantime, we’ve had three partners in the spotlight this past week with exciting new launches and customer success stories that are worth highlighting.

LexisNexis launched their High Performance Computer Cluster (HPCC) technology, making it possible to access and analyze complex, massive data sets in a matter of seconds. They plan to release the internally developed supercomputing platform, HPCC Systems, under a dual license, open source model.

Pentaho is proud to be a founding BI partner in this new exciting open source product making it possible for companies to process and analyze complex, massive data sets in a matter of seconds.

Learn more about HPCC Systems.

Infobright announced Infobright 4.0, the industry’s first database with built-in intelligence for near-real time analysis of machine-generated data. Quoted in the press release is our own CEO, Richard Daley:

“Infobright’s DomainExpert technology delivers new capabilities that allow Pentaho’s data discovery users to analyze their data much more quickly,” said Richard Daley, founder and CEO of Pentaho. “Since our technology is already tightly integrated with Infobright, these new capabilities will be available immediately for customers to generate data analytics faster, easier and more affordably.”

To learn more, read their press release and register for their webinar featuring Infobright 4.0 on June 22nd.

OpenBI published a great case study: Case Commons™, incubated and funded by the Annie E. Casey Foundation. This is a great story of how Pentaho Partner, OpenBI, and Case Commons™ join forces to provide cutting-edge analytics for human services agencies.

Here’s an insert from the results section of the case study. To read the full case study, click here.

Using the Pentaho BI Suite with Pentaho Data Integration as the data transformation engine, OpenBI built the Casebook Analytics proof of concept featuring an analytical data mart and a front-end dashboard application, including advanced charting, filtering and paneling. The application integrates a number of external open source graphics libraries for advanced visualizations, including the ability to analyze ‘trajectories’ of life events and services. The system is designed to empower frontline teams to make timely decisions that increase the safety, permanency and well being of the children they serve.

Where is Pentaho this June?

June 2, 2011

Pentaho is all over the world this month with the majority of our live events in Europe before summer holidays begin. Pentaho also makes a big splash in South Africa this month with two Fast Track BI seminars and a BI Bootcamp class held by our partner Praxis. Make sure you check out a LONG list of training courses offered this month. If you cannot travel to a class in one of the many locations around the world like Kuala Lumpur, Utrecht and Bogota you can always take a class online in German, Italian and English (we will not tell your boss that you may be attending the online class by the pool).

Live Events
June 1 – Fast Track BI Seminar – Johannesburg
June 3 – Fast Track BI Seminar – Cape Town
June 6-8 – Pentaho is Gold Sponsor at the 11th European TDWI Conference in Munich – Munich
June 7 – Pentaho and TCS (Tata Consultancy Services) joint seminar on Business Intelligence in Banking Sector – Luxembourg
June 8 – Fast Track BI Seminar – Casablanca
June 10 – Fast Track BI Seminar – Istanbul
June 13 – Join Pentaho and Omicron for an after work seminar at Royal Drama Theater – Stockholm
June 15 – Fast Track BI Seminar – Oslo
June 17 – Sales Intelligence meets Pentaho: A seminar on CRM, Budgeting & Forecasting and Pentaho BI Suite tackling demands of discerning business – Rome, Italy
June 20 – Fast Track BI Seminar – Kontich
June 22 – Fast Track BI Seminar – Genève
June 23 – Pentaho, DIKW and Tholis Consulting for Pentaho 4.0 Launch seminar – Baarn, Netherlands
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Training Classes (Listed by start date. Class length varies)
June 6   – Pentaho BI Suite Bootcamp – Paris, France
June 6   – Pentaho BI Suite Bootcamp – Milano, Italy
June 13 – Pentaho Data Integration for Database Developers – Milano, Italy
June 14 – Pentaho Data Integration for Database Developers – Chicago, Illinois
June 14  – Pentaho BI Suite Bootcamp – London, UK
June 14  – Pentaho BI Suite Bootcamp – Utrecht, Netherlands
June 20 – Pentaho Report Design Techniques – Online (Italiano)
June 20 – Pentaho Report Design Techniques – Online (Germany)
June 21 – Pentaho BI Suite Bootcamp – Johannesburg, South Africa
June 27 – Pentaho BI Suite Bootcamp – Bogota, Colombia
June 27 – Pentaho BI Suite Bootcamp – Barcelona, Spain
June 27 – Pentaho BI Suite Bootcamp – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
June 27 – Pentaho Report Design Techniques – Online (English)
June 27 – Pentaho Architect’s Bootcamp – San Francisco, California
June 27 – Pentaho Data Integration for Database Developers – Paris, France
June 28 – Pentaho Data Integration for Database Developers – Buenos Aires, Argentina
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