December in review

2010 was a huge year for Pentaho. We started the month in review blogs because of the long list of great products, resources and more that were occurring each month. Before we fully say goodbye to 2010 we have a final wrap up for the last month of a decade.

Product Announcements

We did not have any new product launches in the month of December, however, we were proud to celebrate the one-year anniversary of Pentaho Agile BI.  Launched in November 2009 Agile BI has evolved from a concept to reality in making a positive difference for enterprises around the globe. The Pentaho Agile BI initiative, supported by the Pentaho Enterprise Data Services Suite, has received tremendous traction and praise throughout the industry and, more importantly, has impacted organizations in a positive way. You can read more about these accomplishments in the press release.

New Resources

Along with the Agile BI one-year celebration, we released 3 new white papers:

  1. Pentaho Agile BI: An iterative methodology for fast, flexible and cost-effective Business Intelligence, by Pentaho Chief Geek/CTO, James Dixon
  2. Business Intelligence at the Crossroads: The Need for Lean, Agile and Effective End-User Solutions, by Joshua Greenbaum, principal, Enterprise Applications Consulting (part 1)
  3. Realizing the Agile BI Opportunity, by Joshua Greenbaum, principal, Enterprise Applications Consulting (part 2)

You can learn more about these white papers and download them here.

We also launched our website in French! Now you can access in French, German or English (you can also make the changes using the ‘Language’ tab on the upper right of the webpage).

New Customer References

In the white paper mentioned above, Realizing the Agile BI Opportunity, analyst Joshua Greenbaum interviewed several customers to come to his conclusion of case studies of how Pentaho customers,  Loma Linda University Healthcare, ZipRealty, Power Costs, Inc. and Estalea are benefiting from Agile BI.

December Press Announcements

Event Recap

Thinking about attending a training class? Farnaz Erfan the newest member to the Pentaho Product Marketing team (formerly at IBM) attended the Pentaho BI Suite Bootcamp. Check out her blog: 13 highlights Pentaho BI Suite Bootcamp

Have 45 minutes? Check out these great new on-demand webinars with Pentaho Partners Voodoo and Cloudera.

Adios 2010!

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