Pentaho in the Southern Cone

Uruguay is the most eastern country in all of South America, with a population of nearly 4 million, it is the smallest country in the continent as well as home of the first World Cup of soccer, birthplace of Tango and Candombe and holds one of the finest upscale resorts in the world, Punta del Este.

On the past 4th of November more than 80 Yoruguas (colloquial for the people of Uruguay) got together at Hotel Cala di Volpe, just off Montevideo’s riverwalk, to checkout our event: Pentaho in Uruguay. The event began early in the morning, and people just kept walking in till the place was packed. We kicked off with some words from Cognus’s CEO, José Pedro Toma, who focused on explaining how Pentaho is an ideal solution for mid to large size companies in Latin America, where lowering investment costs is mandatory. I went on to explain Pentaho’s features and focus on how the concept of Agile BI can take your average BI project from 6-12 months, to 6-12 weeks. This has been our experience with Pentaho’s latest developments, and we even use Agile BI to do analytics consulting and PoC’s in less than a week. To prove it, we decided to invite 2 of our clients that are using Pentaho on a daily basis.

First off we had the Chilean Superintendencia de Pensiones, a government agency that supervises pension funds of more than 8 million people and which amount to more than $130 Billion. Aside from using Pentaho to build OLAP cubes and deliver on-line reporting, they used PDI as a base to develop a profitability model that calculates daily profit on all of the funds’ financial instruments. Their application processes more than 10 million rows per day in less than 2 hours, and their investment profitability data mart has over 500 million records. All this built just through PDI.

To close the show we had Mónica Cortes, CTO from Winterfoods, who explained how they are using Pentaho in a B2B scenario to gain insight into their salesforce management. By integrating their legacy AS400 systems with Pentaho and Google Maps, they are able to deliver analytic information to the sales management team, but also detailed operational reports to salespeople, without having to incur in expensive per-user licensing. In less than 3 months of development they’ve been so successful, that they’ve decided to migrate their Microsoft based cubes to Pentaho.

Needless to say, the audience was very excited and impressed with the speed and quality of the solutions built with Pentaho. To address this interest we’ve decided to teach a Pentaho BI Bootcamp in Montevideo by the end of the month.

Sebastian Beca
Cognus Chile

Cognus is the largest Pentaho partner in Chile and Uruguay and has developed more than a dozen solutions that combine business conuslting with technological integration based on Pentaho. Superintendencia de Pensiones and Winterfoods are both clients of Cognus in Santiago, Chile.

Note on the Illustration:
Inverted America (1943) is a drawing from Joaquin Torres García, an Uruguayan plastic artist and founder of Constructive Universalism.

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