Meet the most active and friendly developer community in Open Source BI

One of the highlights of my job as the “Pentaho Community Guy” is the yearly Community Gathering. This year, thanks to Webdetails, it was in beautiful Cascais, Portugal.  For a full recap of the event check out the blog, Pentaho Community Gathering (live), courtesy of Jan Aertsen at kJube.  This is the third year that the community has gathered for a weekend of presentations, beer and fun.  In 2009 it was in Barcelona Spain and before that, Mainz Germany.

I have been working with the community for about six years both as a developer and as community manager.  I’ve watched it go from a few familiar people answering questions in the forums to a daily flood of ideas (and other stuff) in the IRC.  Where it really gets fun and interesting is when people who work together, help each other and joke around every day, get to meet in person.  The flow of ideas accelerates greatly when in person and not constrained by a command line.

So – why only get the community together just once a year?  Community members in the London area had the same question and decided to start a Pentaho London User Group.  They are holding their first Pentaho London User Group or PLUG today, Wednesday October 27th. If you are near London stop by.

As the London group was getting the word out, other community members from around the world have been vocal on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, asking about starting a group.  To help people get started, we’ve created some guidelines and added resources to the Pentaho community site to help people connect and organize their own Pentaho User Group or PUG.  Each group will have it’s own personality and be owned by it’s local community. PUGs are a place to share best practices, foster innovation, network and build relationships with other Pentaho professionals.

Visit the home of Pentaho User Groups where you can find information about current Pentaho User Groups, let others know about your group and find answers to questions related to starting a group of your own.

I do believe that we have the most active and friendly developer community in Open Source BI. However, you can see for yourself by attending or starting a Pentaho User Group online or in-person.

Doug Moran
Community Guy

Photo courtesy of Jan Aertsen. To learn more about who’s who in the photo visit

In the time between writing the blog and posting it, a new PUG has formed in the Benelux region. Welcome to our new PUG.  Make sure to check out the PUG home page, new ones are starting everyday.

One Response to Meet the most active and friendly developer community in Open Source BI

  1. Great post and props to you for brig such a good community manager/developer!

    Now if only I could setup a APUG, Australia Pentaho User Group without me being the one and only member:)

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