Exploring deep into the code

I often joke with my colleagues that Pentaho is the world’s largest “BI Operating System.” When you think about the number of core services that are required for any application platform – from authentication/authorization to content persistence to presentation across multiple user interfaces – it’s easy to see how architecture can become an obsession.

I’ve always felt that Pentaho has the best architectural implementation of any BI suite on the market and that the decisions and investments we made in the early years (ca. 2005-2007) would serve our customers and the community well. This has clearly been the case, and the proof is in the velocity and number of enhancements that have been delivered in the last 12 months. In particular the tremendous improvements in reporting and analysis have provided tangible benefits and made us much more competitive vis-à-vis proprietary BI products.  The platform team is now hard at work adding Java Content Repository (JCR) support (just as they did with PDI 4.0) and this will pay huge dividends in 2011 and beyond.

There’s a quiet – you might even say invisible – side to Pentaho’s business which has emerged over the last two years. Pentaho is being embedded into mission-critical web applications by name-brand enterprises and ISV’s. From the very moment they contact Pentaho Services, these companies challenge us with  interesting technical scenarios.  “Yes, we know, Pentaho was designed from the very beginning to be integrated into other applications, but how?” To answer their questions we’ve organized a team of senior Pentaho software engineers and architects who engage directly with their peers. We’ve developed best practices, created code samples and documented many of the useful software interfaces that embedders need to understand in order to deploy Pentaho within their apps. This body of work is now available to the general public in the form of a new public training course.

Developed by Pentaho’s own Gretchen Moran, the Pentaho Architect’s Bootcamp is designed to teach developers how to explore, customize and extend Pentaho solutions and the Pentaho BI Server to meet the needs of customers and community members who are looking for functionality that goes beyond Pentaho’s “out of the box” capabilities. It represents a 5-day immersion into the inner workings of Pentaho action sequences and API extension points. Do you have detailed questions about CDF, CDA and controlling user interaction with your content? Need to call or consume web services, integrate with a single sign-on server or deploy Mondrian in a multi-tenanted environment? If so, this is your class.

For more information and to register for an Architect’s Bootcamp class in Orlando, London or San Francisco, visit www.pentaho.com/training.

Dave Henry
Vice President, Services
Pentaho Corporation

p.s. If you already understand these topics, check out our new job openings for Enterprise Architects in North America

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