You are not alone

I’m a happy guy today. Not only was I able to make it onto the lake this morning for some early morning water skiing, I also just reviewed the results and feedback from Pentaho’s PDI 4.0 launch yesterday. This release was a record setter for us on a number of fronts. Here are a few highlights:

  • Over 2,600  PDI 4.0 EE downloads in one day
  • We had 1,850* people registered for the live WebEx today, ‘Pentaho Defines a Better Way to Build BI Solutions’ – the most people we’ve ever had!
  • reached an all time high for unique visitors.
  • Forum activity is up 251% over normal days
  • is up 192%
  • Great coverage and positive response from industry press and the community on Twitter.

To me this proves that the market is hungry for a new approach to an old idea. If you are one of the people looking for a BI solution that is quicker to build, easier to adapt and faster time to value, you can see that you are not alone.

*If you were not one of the 1,850 that attended the live webinar, ‘Pentaho Defines a Better Way to Build BI Solutions,’ you can watch the replay here and access additional resources and recordings.

If you were one of the 1,850 that attended the webinar– what did you think? What were some of your key takeaways?

4 Responses to You are not alone

  1. James says:

    My takeaway was that, compared with using the Microsoft tools, I will feel the need to take fewer showers if I use PDI 4.0.

    Given the need to reduce consumption of natural resources, I think this is commendable.


  2. Congatulations on the successful launch. You’ve obviously struck a chord!


  3. Kevin says:

    How come I can’t download this through the customer support portal?

    • Richard Daley says:

      Hi Kevin,
      Great question. The current Pentaho Data Integration 4.0 Preview is only available via since it is not a supported product release. Release Candidate 1 (RC1) of PDI 4.0, which will be supported for development purposes, will be available through the Knowledge Base when released at the end of this month. You can follow updates at @PentahoUX and @Pentaho.

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